IP720 300x300
MAX1000 MAXCOMM-300x300

IP-PBX & Contact Center Solution

  • 2U rack-mount server
  • AltiGen MaxCS 7.5 IP-PBX/Contact Center
  • Support up to 150 users
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server

The MAX1000 IP PBX is an all-in-one communication system embedded with the following Digital Signal Processor (DSP) processing power:

  • Up to 150 user extensions
  • 4500 hours of voicemail storage
  • 12-party meet-me conference bridge with scheduling application
  • On demand voice recording
  • Custom auto attendant / IVR
  • Call detail reporting (CDR)
  • 30 VoIP CODEC channels (G.711/G.723.1/G.729AB) for
    IP phones, IP tie-trunk, and SIP trunk service
  • Dedicated voice processing (VM/AA) and voice recording resource
    for every trunk, extension, VoIP channel.
  • 2 extension-based conference bridges (6 parties per conference)
  • 2 meet-me conference bridges (total 12 members maximum)
  • 2 silent monitor/barge-in/coach channels for workgroup supervisor
  • Music on hold (input source can be either a file or audio-in port)
  • Paging (IP paging, audio-out port, trunk/station port paging)

The MAX1000 has two access board slots. You can select from four different access board options to connect analog trunks, digital trunks, and analog extensions:

  • ALTI-M0404-T1E1 (4 analog trunks, 4 analog exts. and 1 T1/E1)
  • ALTI-M0000-T1E1 (0 analog trunks, 0 analog exts. and 1 T1/E1)
  • ALTI-M0408 (4 analog trunks and 8 analog extensions)
  • ALTI-M0804 (8 analog trunks and 4 analog extensions)
  • ALTI-M0012 (12 analog extensions)
Part NumberDescription
ALTI-MAX2000V2-ACMMAX2000 Server - ACM base, AltiConsole, and Enterprise licenses included